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    About us

    Welcome to Sunsations. We have been established since 2002 and have a large clientele of both men and women who keep returning year after year. Whether to make themselves feel better with a tan or prepare for a holiday, party or wedding.

    Our Salon was used for filming by Channel 4 in an episode of wife swap.

    Our friendly and helpful staff are happy to offer advice on all aspects of tanning. We have a choice of 2 vertical 240 watt sunbeds and a liedown 200 watt sunbed, all come with wipes and deodorant.

    We have a good selection of tanning creams to suit all your tanning requirements.

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    Can I use a sunbed?

    Most people are able to use a sunbed but there are exceptions. If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you must NOT use a sunbed:

    Are you aged under 18?

    Do you always burn in natural sunlight?

    Do you have a medical condition that becomes worse in sunlight?

    Do you have an excessive amount of moles and/or freckles?

    Do you have a history of sunburn, particularly from childhood?

    Do you have skin cancer or does any member of your immediate family have/had skin cancer?

    Also, if you are on any medication or drugs, please check with your GP or pharmacist before using a sunbed as certain drugs make the skin more sensitive to UV light. If you are pregnant, consult your GP before use.

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    Minutes Stand Up  
    3 Minutes £1.50
    6 Minutes £3.00
    9 Minutes £4.50
    12 Minutes £6.00
    Minutes Lie Down  
    4 Minutes £1.50
    8 Minutes £3.00
    12 Minutes £4.50
    30minutes £12
    60Minutes £21
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    Contact Us

    Our contact details, feel free to ask us anything, we would love to hear from you.

    Sunsations Tanning Salon
    46 Gedling Road
    Carlton NG4 3FH

    Phone: 01159 402244